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     Shanghai Shuaihao Plastic Co. The company has imported advanced equipments and technology from abroad, with comprehensive quality monitor and control system, which could ensure all technique index achieve to the leading level in this field. Since the company set up in 2006, we always hold ‘scientific management, continuous improvement, high-quality product, customer satisfaction’ as our guide. The company continually introduces the new technology, the new equipment and various aspects specialized talented person, depending on the technology and the person, continually develops, continually innovates. We are dedicated to providing our customers, shareholders, dealers, employees and the communication with full satisfaction. Until now, the company’s sales distribution network covers all area of China, and some of our products have been exported to oversea. We consider people first; regard science and technology as the guide; and combine science and technology with the market. We offer products of excellent performance, steady quality and reasonable price as well as omni-directional fast technical support to our users. We are trying to provide our customer with outstanding product and service.
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  Introduction of product
  PVB is the abbreviation of Polyyinyl Butyral. PVB film is made from PVB resin and plasticizer. It is a non-toxic and smell-freesoft sheet material with thickness
  With the increasing demand of safety laminated glass, the market for PVB film is also increasing. Laminated glass not only has a good optical nature, but also resistant to penetration, ultraviolet etc/ it is widely used in area such as defense industry, transportation, construction, etc.
Product Readme
  Since the PVB films adhere tenaciously to the outer-layer glasses, laminated glasses for construction use become a good performance-effective safety glass material. Once the glass is destroyed, the glass scraps will still stick to the interlayer film and no damage will be caused on human beings and properties.Whether it is installed vertically, laminated safety glass can always resist accidental impact and be safe from penetration. The glass will remain as a whole body after the first hit and can still resist further impact and tolerate harsh weather conditions.
  Compared with other glass products, laminated glass produced with Zhongcheng interlayer films can ensure the safety of human beings and properties. Standard "sandwich" laminated glass is capable of resisting the penetraton attempts of some common impacting materials. Even if the impact results in a hole, this hole will still be tiny enough. Once fragmented, the interlayer can still protect the building until it is replaced.
  The function of window is passing sunlight, however too much sunlight will lead to high quantity of heat. Laminated glass produced with “Decent” brand interlayer films can absorb the energy coming from ultraviolet radiation, visible light and infrared to control the heat increment.
Structure integrality
  Performance of laminated glass is the same as single piece glass under the normal load, however once the glass broke up, laminated glass can keep its structure integrality, little shattered glass dropping down.
  The elastic PVB film in laminated glass has a resisting effect on sound waves. It effectively reduce the annoying noise disturbance.
  Shuaihao laminated glass could shield ultraviolet light to the greatest extent. It can block more than 99% of all the hazardous lights. This quality can protect furniture, hanging scrolls, displayed objects or other products from harmful radiation of ultraviolet and avoid depigmentation.
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